What is SEO? (Learn SEO in 5 Minutes)


Are you new to the SEO game and want to learn all about it? If yes, simply scroll down to know all about SEO for beginners and how you can use the related techniques for expanding your business online.

#1 What do Search Engines do?

Search engines are designed for finding new web pages and innovative ways of synchronizing them.

So, when use people use search engines, the pages that match the given criteria can come up, based on:

Relevance: Is the information relevant to the search criteria?

Authority: Are the webpage and website credible sources?

Popularity: Are other people finding the source useful and recommend-worthy?

#2 What does SEO refer to?

SEO is the abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization. Using Search Engine Optimization techniques, you can get your website to rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Also, SEO is different from paid advertising. If you’re using SEO, you do not need to pay to gain high ranks in the SERPs; on the other hand, paid advertising involves payment for using the web space.

In simple terms, SEO entails optimizing content so search engines can display it on top of the SERPs when somebody is searching for similar information.

The basic idea behind SEO in Los Angeles is to optimize your site to come up in the SERPs when LA users are looking for products that you’re selling.

For running a successful SEO campaign, the SEO company Los Angeles pros first understand how people are searching for products or services. Subsequently, you can analyze the popularity and competitiveness of the given terms.

Under SEO, you have ‘Black Hat SEO’ and ‘White Hat SEO’ strategies too. The former involves using devious tactics such as link scarping and keyword stuffing – all for gaining high ranks in the SERPs. Although such ploys work in the short term and get you more traffic, Google can penalize you and blacklist your website after some time.

On the flip side, Marketing Hermosa Beach company experts advise having a sustainable online business by using white hat SEO. So, dole out valuable content and always go by the SEO rulebook.

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#3 How you can use web pages?

A Digital Marketing Agency uses SEO to lead people to your web pages, depending on what they’re looking for. So, if somebody enters a specific criterion such as ‘lightweight slippers’, then you can direct them to your pages that feature the same. Conversely, if users enter a general term such as ‘slippers’, then a page that contains an overview of all types of slippers comes up.

The main idea behind SEO is to help people gain access to what they are seeking. So, SEO company Los Angeles recommends having several landing pages to allow people to find whatever they’re looking for.

#4 Optimize your website

As part of web optimization efforts, your website has to be easy for search engines to scan. Here, the Manhattan Beach SEO professionals propose making your site as descriptive as possible. Also, improving the user experience for your website to load quickly is an effective way to get more traffic. In addition, make sure your website is easily navigable and has no dead-ends when people are scanning through.

While some SEO tactics are easy to implement, others may take longer to set up. Going by your goals, you can work with the SEO Redondo Beach expert team to optimize your website accordingly.

Of course, you may also want to consider learning the SEO ropes. By doing so, you can remain updated on the latest algorithms and maintain your website without outside help. Remember what was acceptable some years back may get you in trouble today, so Los Angeles SEO pros suggest keeping yourself well-informed to stay ahead of your peers in the SEO game.

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#5 Do not lose focus of your goals

Never lose sight of your perspective when embarking on the SEO spree. That said, you have to figure out how to align your optimization efforts with your overall marketing strategy. Keep in mind that SEO is only a part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

More so, SEO is all about understanding the prospective buyer’s journey, so study how they will find you and purchase from you. The Internet marketing agency specialists will advise evaluating the strong and weak aspects of your website, as well. Highlight the strong aspects and work on the weaker ones. Doing so helps to convert more leads into sales.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that SEO is separate from your marketing plan. Instead, consider integrating SEO into your marketing strategy for achieving your organizational-related goals.

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If you want maximum ROI from your investment in your business, consider a total digital marketing approach with a website design, SEO, and social media marketing in Los Angeles to stay in for the long haul. Bear in mind that growing your business online takes time. Staying invested for a short period will not yield the desired results. So, be patient and play by the laid-down rules to emerge as a frontrunner in the SEO race.

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