What is a Landing Page? Do I need it?


A landing page is a popular term in the world of online advertising. Are you wondering what is a landing page and whether they’re different from other pages?

If so, you can scroll down to know more about landing page definition and how you can use them for marketing your products and services online.

Landing Page: What is it?

In simpler terms, a landing page is the first page that the system displays after you click on a given link. So, a landing page can be a product page, blog post, or home page.

However, for online marketers, landing pages are part of an online marketing campaign designed to receive and convert traffic. In that sense, when you’re comparing landing page vs. home page, know that home pages are not meant to convert traffic from marketing campaigns.

Among actions you want users to do on your landing page include subscribing to newsletters, making purchases, contacting you, and enrolling for an event.

By performing any of these actions, the users become paying customers, which is the goal of landing pages.

In other words, landing pages help visitors become customers. Through an effective landing page design, you can make offers or attractive deals in return for accessing client information.

For a landing page to be effective, it has to convince the potential clients that what you have to offer is worth sharing their personal details.

What are the varied elements of a Landing Page?

Here are the 5 vital elements of landing page design.

  • Above-the-fold content

The term’ above-the-fold’ refers to the content that users see on your page at first. Contact the Web Design Los Angeles CA to create compelling ‘above-the fold’ content for drawing more potential customers.

Some above-the-fold content includes:

#1. Main Headline

With your main headline, you can give an overview of your page to keep them engaged. The South Bay web design experts are adept at coming up with different headlines, depending on your business goals.

#2. Supporting Headline

Any top-ranking Internet marketing agency can design supporting headlines to offer prospective customers additional info about your offerings. Many times, the final nudge is all that pushes them to choose your product over the ones of your competitor.

#3. Hero Shot

A hero shot is a picture that can say a lot more about your products as compared to a few words and phrases. Choose the Hermosa Beach web design specialist team to design a good hero shot to get the users to have an emotional response that can help clinch the deal.

#4. Benefit Summary

The Lawndale web design pros will advise going with a benefit summary to elevate your pitch. Using this feature, you can get people interested in what the rest of the page holds after reading the above-the-fold content.

  • Call To Action (CTA)

The WordPress Website Development Company can guide you on using CTAs to prompt your visitors to complete the requisite action. By placing CTAs on your landing page, you can convey to your visitors how they can access the offer.

The LA web design company pros can place your CTAs on your website pages and blog posts where the content correlates with the offer. You can increase the likelihood of visitors converting into clients by having CTAs that resonate with your landing page and other promotional pages.

  • Talk about the benefits

Rather than talking about how good your products are, the Manhattan Beach SEO expert team will want you to emphasize how your offerings can help make life easier for the users.

So, if somebody wants virus-free software, you should talk about how your software features can help them fulfill their requirements.

  • Provide irrefutable proof

Customer testimonials are more believable by most people as compared to marketing copy. So, the suggestion of adding them to your landing page by the web design Manhattan professionals may appeal to you. For authenticating testimonials, here are some good suggestions:

  • Mention reputable sources: Ask renowned business leaders to vouch for the quality of your services.
  • Give details: To make your testimonials more believable, the social media marketing Los Angeles professional team may recommend adding all contact details of your source. In doing so, they can be tracked down to affirm their quote.
  • Add photos: Post photos of your sources to give more proof about the authenticity of the testimonials.
  • Post videos: Because you cannot fake video testimonials, prospective customers are sure to believe what they view in your videos.
  • Draw content: By pulling reviews from third-party websites to your site, you can get users to perceive they are real.
  • Have many testimonials: Rather than posting 1-2 testimonials; you should work towards having a lot of them. Give an impression that people love what you have to offer.
  • Closing Argument

The closing argument in your landing page should summarize all the content in your landing page. Of course, the SEO Redondo Beach can guide you on adding more selling points to convince the new prospects that converting will help them.

Essentially, if someone makes it to the end of your landing page, you get the last opportunity to get them to convert.

How do landing pages help?

After building your brand and creating a website to showcase it, you have to direct your efforts towards increasing sales. By signing up with the website design Los Angeles experts, you can use landing pages as effective conversion tools.

The benefits of having a landing page to grow your business are manifold. Landing pages help to not only improve your SEO but also drive more traffic to your website. To build your brand, landing pages can be a part of your PPC strategy too.

Using landing pages, you can lead customers to your products, services, and offers. And with effective CTAs, you can prompt them to take the desired action. In a nutshell, landing pages are great tools to increase your conversion rate and client base.

Unfortunately, not all businesses use landing pages. People in business perceive that landing pages are not easy to design and maintain, so they’re not investing in them. Nevertheless, landing pages can help customers get what they want, and thus, you should consider using them to grow your business online.

Contact the SEO experts to design your landing page today!

Landing pages can help to achieve your business-related objectives. Only you must tie-up with the top web design companies in LA to get the results you want.

The South Bay Digital Marketing Agency squad can help create focused landing pages for prospective clients to complete the registration process. Among other aspects to emphasize when designing landing pages is providing a ‘Thank You. This assures the client that they have finished the registration process.

In all, landing pages are a welcome addition to your digital toolbox, enabling both you and your customers to enjoy the related benefits.

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