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Web Design & SEO

User-friendly, enterprising websites for better results in search engines

Web Development

Under website development services, we develop sites that are innovative and user-friendly. We ensure your site is responsive, functional, and meets the users’ expectations in terms of speed and performance.
Ruby, JQuery, Javascript, PHP, CSS, JQuery, and HTML – our Los Angeles Web Development Company experts are adept in all these languages. So, you can count on us to keep ahead of the competitive curve, when it comes to attracting more traffic to your website. Our professionals can develop quality and visually-appealing websites, for you to benefit from higher traffic numbers. More so, you can rely on them to deliver within the stipulated deadlines and financial considerations.


As part of your business expansion plans, it’s important to optimize your website for SEO and reviewing your online marketing strategy in today’s tech-savvy world. Although most businesses have a website nowadays, not many companies seem to be investing in SEO as much as they should. So, importantly, you must customize your website to get the most from your investment in SEO services. Any top-notch Los Angeles SEO company works to get its customer websites to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social Media Management

Our social media and digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, can connect you with your target group and increase your customer base.

Social Media Management

As a Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, Beach Cities Marketing Agency offers customized social media services to business houses for increasing the online visibility of their brands.Setting your brand apart from your competitors is an uphill task, particularly in a busy city such as Los Angeles. So, it would be best if you relied on the professional digital marketing experts – BCMA – for reaping the rich dividends that online platforms offer. With our Social Media Marketing Services, you can popularize your brand across the various social media sites and benefit from higher ROI.

Web Hosting

Speed and reliability are the two most important things you want to evaluate when choosing website hosting. At BCMA, we offer all of this and more while keeping the prices affordable. Our web hosting solutions are specially optimized to render better SEO, visitor retention, and conversions with cutting-edge technology, serving up to 3x more requests per second. Whether you’re looking to start a personal site or make sure your small business has a strong online presence, we can make your life a lot easier.

Our experience

Serving the Los Angeles and the surrounding area for over 10 years

Content Marketing

At Beach Cities Marketing, we identify demographics for your targeted audience to utilize their most used web platform. Plainly, by understanding your audience, we identify where they are most likely to encounter your resourceful information. Social media is the most vital part of content marketing. We create engaging content such as educational articles, e-books, videos, entertainment, and webinars that your audience can embrace. The goal is to answer the questions your potential clients may not find any where else. Our team of experts work with you to create weekly content – completely search engine optimized in order to boost your over all visibility. We help you build credibility by providing resources for your potential clients that will strengthen your relationships, cultivate an active subscriber base, and increase profits.

Creative Services

Beach Cities Marketing provides a creative partner with an extra edge to help you create an influential brand. Our team of experts guide you through a rejuvenated perspective relating to naming, product design, branding, strategic planning and other brand elements. We focus on the highest quality of fonts, and aesthetically pleasing imagery that relates to your core values as a brand. Our specialty is to create innovative work that inspires your audience and effectively translates your business with intelligent design. In order to have a well-executed brand campaign our design team provides creative services to execute your brands goals.

Our approach

Drive more leads – Increase your reach – Improve your website experience – Engage your target audience – Connect with your clients


Beach Cities Marketing has the advertising expertise to effectively design strategic advertising campaigns. Whether your goal is to reach one consumer or influence thousands, we drive interaction. Our strategic expertise allows us to break through the clutter through analytics and market research from a consumer standpoint. This not only allows us to have impact with the highest ROI, but allows insight into what is working and what’s not. Through leveraging paid social media advertising, we retarget content syndication to drive leads. Our approach is strategic instead of episodic in order to advance through the ever changing market and bring you quality leads.


Beach Cities Marketing understands that a brand requires an understanding on who your target audience needs you to be. This is one of the most time consuming and difficult portions of building your company. It is a journey of self-discovery for your business. Part of your brand is your logo, website, packaging, voice and message. We integrate your logo into your promotional items, website and advertising material. Our team will help you identify your brand strategy. How, what where, when and to whom you plan on delivering your brand image to is apart of this strategy. Our goal is to not only help you identify your company’s voice and communicate your brand’s messages but create a strategic strong brand equity. The best example of a strong brand equity is Coke v.s. a generic soda. Because Coca-Cola has built a empire upon a strong brand equity, consumers pay more for their product. Imagine having a strong brand equity like Coca-Cola.