How to structure your website navigation for better user-experience?


Posting original and informative content on your website to grab more eyeballs is the general recommendation by the LA Digital marketing Services company or any other top-ranking web services company.

However, although you’re providing valuable content on your website, you may not perceive the desired results if you do not organize the varied elements on your website. Yes, structuring your website makes all the difference when you’re looking to drive traffic or achieve any of your organization-related objectives.

Website structure streamlines the website development features on your website to improve the user experience. Of course, website structure is not as glitzy as design or stimulating as functionality but never undermines its importance.

With website structure, you can position content in a logical sequence on your site. In turn, visitors can easily navigate through your website to find all that they want to. Now, that goes a long way in popularizing your brand website among the online community.

The Importance of Website Structure

Without structuring your website, visitors will not be able to find what they want. Do not underestimate the reassuring feeling of smoothly finding whatever you’re looking for. And by having a user-friendly website design, browsers can easily find whatever they’re out to get.

When learning about how to make a website user-friendly, you must pay attention to your sitemap too. The reason being, sitemap affects not only search engine rankings but also usability.

The South Bay website design experts will always advise you to structure your website, for the search engine crawlers can then gain easy access to your website. In the process, the robots can index your web pages and exhibit your company high up in the search engine rankings.

Moving on, we will now study all about primary navigation protocols. Primary navigation is a horizontally-lined bar at the top of each web page. Users start to traverse a website using the primary navigation bar.

Primary Navigation

Having 6-7 buckets (with the inclusion of Home) on your primary navigation bar that are logically aligned is the popular suggestion by the Manhattan Beach Web Design company.

Your primary navigation buckets can include pages such as ‘About Us,’ ‘Join Us,’ and ‘What We Do.’ As much as possible, the eCommerce website design Manhattan Beach pros keep short page names for their client websites to enhance their aesthetic appeal. And NO, it is not mandatory to add a list of your audiences or most important pages in the primary navigation bar.

Secondary Navigation

Sometimes, the design of a website makes the primary navigation crowded. So, it’s best to use secondary navigation tools for clarity. Usually, secondary navigation bars are seen at the top right-hand corner of web pages.

Also, the secondary navigation pages are structured to prompt users to take the desired action.

Pages excluded from navigation.

Not all your website pages have to be in navigation. Registration form pages, privacy policy pages, and thank you pages – all do not have to be included in navigation. Because they’re not so essential, the SEM agency Los Angeles will tell you to have them on your website but not under navigational pages.

Additionally, a good website displays ‘Thank You’ pages after the users have shared their details in the registration forms and submitted the filled forms.

Add details to your buckets.

After deciding your buckets, you should fill them with your web pages. The Online Marketing LA company always advises their clients to place the pages under the buckets in logical sequences. To do so, put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and think about how they look for content.

In cases where you find that pages contain a lot of content, you can create subpages or blog posts. Even so, the SMM services Los Angeles company will advise you against keeping your overall site structure overly deep.

Make sure to design your website structure such that users do not have to click more than three times to access any page.

Put your work to test

By now, you have a fair idea about website structure practices. Like any critical project, you may want to ask your team members to check out the structure. You can improvise as per their feedback.

More so, you can ask your designer/developer to take a test. Offer them a listing of pages to search for, following which you should check whether they can locate them without much ado. If they’re unable to find some pages, you need to reorganize your website features.

Final Comments

For designing your website structure, you should talk to the South Bay Digital Marketing Services company. The website professionals are well-versed with all aspects of website structure design and can design websites tailored to your company’s needs.

By hiring a top-ranking SEO company in Los Angeles, you can not only climb the SERPs soon enough but also establish your brand authority on internet platforms.

Get ahead of your competitors by calling the web design Manhattan CA company today!

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