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In today’s digital age, you can find technology everywhere, from simple applications to state-of-the-art complex inventions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MI), Robotics, and others. 

The very neighborly social media sites and search engines that we visit frequently come from technology. Even the trendy eCommerce websites used for online buying and selling of products or services require technology. So if you are a business owner looking to build your website, contact an agency for web development in Los Angeles for the best results.

What is Web Development?

Web development encompasses both websites and applications, including both the open-source ones (Internet) and private networks (Intranet).

Web development is further classified into three layers. These include Frontend Development, Backend Development, and Database Technology.

What are the Three Layers of Web Development?

  • Frontend Development

Frontend development includes the features that users can view and access. Frontend developers at the South Bay Cities Web development services work on website loadings, which include user-friendly aspects and aesthetics.

You can contact the website design services in Hermosa Beach to design the visual aspects (such as navigation and controls) of your websites.

To become a frontend developer, the website design agency Los Angeles will suggest mastering computer languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Besides that, you should be well-versed in developing responsive designs. Also, you should gain expertise in tools like frameworks, APIS, and content management systems.

The Custom Website Design in Lawndale company is well-equipped to cater to any of your front-end development needs.

  • Back End Development

Backend development is concerned with the backend operations of websites. Backend developers at the Web Design Manhattan Beach company focus on server-based aspects of web applications. Such professionals are responsible for aspects that the users cannot view, such as databases and servers.

If you’re interested in becoming a backend developer, you have to become familiar with languages such as Ruby on Rails and Java. Essentially, SEO company in Los Angeles seeks backend developers who know about security compliance, programming, frameworks, and database management.

For any of your backend development requirements, simply call a web development company Los Angeles.

  • Database Technology

Database technology refers to support systems of web applications. It incorporates storage and management of multiple contents, including website codes and files.

Nowadays, websites are popularly using the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). With RDBMS, web developer Hermosa Beach companies synchronize frontend development, backend development, and database technology for devising functional websites.

Of course, you have many options to choose from when pursuing a career in database technology. However, the web development company in Los Angeles, California, will reveal that Structures Query Language (SQL) is the easiest among the given options. If you’re fluent in English, you will find SQL easy to learn – for both are similar. More so, you have to get acquainted with some mainstream relational database management systems like Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Web Design Vs. Web Development

Web design and web development differ on various counts.

Web development relates to the functional features of websites like servers and applications.

On the other side, web design is concerned with the visual appeal of websites. Scrollbars, drop-down menus, fonts, colors, and touchpoints – are all offered by web design agencies in Los Angeles.

After knowing all about web development, let us now proceed to how you can acquire the requisite skills to become a web developer.

What Codebreakers should know

Coding Bootcamps are online courses that are accessible on the internet for anybody who wants to learn coding and web development. These online courses contain applications and practical sessions to prepare you within 12 weeks.

Also, you do not have to come from a technological background to become a codebreaker. With a host of available opportunities, you can start anywhere and anytime.

To develop web development skills, many coding boot camps like General Assembly and Le Wagon are accessible.

The Upcoming Growth Areas

As a budding web development enthusiast, you may want to consider gaining proficiency in potential growth areas. These include Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Machine Learning (ML).

Among the area-specific coding languages that look promising are PHP and JavaScript for IoT, Prolog and Lisp for ML and AI, Solidity and Ruby for Blockchain, and Swift and JavaScript for AR.

Other than that, Cloud Infrastructure and HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) are among growth areas and recommended coding languages respectively.

The Takeaway

On a concluding note, technology is used everywhere. Ranging from eCommerce websites to social media platforms to any Digital Marketing Agency uses technology.

As seen earlier, the three pillars of web development are frontend development, backend development, and database technology; they are used to create websites and applications.

Web development and web design vary. Whereas web development pertains to servers and applications, web design caters to the visual aspects of websites.

With coding boot camps, pursuing a career in web development has become easy. Additionally, developing skills in IoT, blockchain, and AR is advisable, for these areas show potential.

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