10 Tips for Effective eCommerce Web Development to Increase Sales


With online shopping becoming popular as the years go by, having an eCommerce website has become the need of the hour. As a business owner, if you want to develop your eCommerce website and get ahead of your peers. Then a web design company Manhattan can help you. You can also use the following tips can help you boost sales.

10 Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

#1. Have a simple design

Any top-ranking eCommerce website design Los Angeles company will advise keeping your website as simple as possible. It would be best for the users if you avoid any distractions during product search. More so, do not post lengthy or complicated content or images on your website. This will confuse your users in their product search process. And, we definitely don’t want that, right1

In all, your online store must be able to attract visitors and convert prospective buyers into clients.

#2. Be honest about your prices

If you hide shipping charges until the customer reaches the payment page, it can lead to a loss of sales. Yes, the marketing Hermosa Beach professionals found that clients abandon their cart upon viewing a price change. They may not shop at your eCommerce site henceforth. They will not recommend others to shop from your website, as well.

Now, the best-ranked Los Angeles web development agency will tell you to avoid such scenarios. So, instead of hiding shipping charges, you must display the total price of the products upfront. By doing so, you will stop wasting your time, and everybody else’s too.

#3. Emphasize on best-quality prints

Speak to any competent web developing Los Angeles company. They will reveal that blurry or unclear images give an impression of low-quality products.

Instead, it would help if you opted for high-quality pictures to display your products. Post attractive photos so buyers get interested in purchasing from you. Remember, presentation matters the most when shopping online.

LA web development agency suggested demonstrating your products by posting videos from all angles, too. When you do so, prospective clients get a better idea of what you’re offering and how your products or services can add value to their lives.

#4. Have a Navigation Menu

The eCommerce development Los Angeles pros will suggest having a well-organized navigation menu on all pages. You can have it horizontally placed at the top of your website or vertically aligned toward the left side. Well-structured navigation makes it easy for the users to search for the various products available on your site.

Other than that, you should have a dropdown menu to display the different categories and subcategories of the various goods.

#5. Give an impression of scarcity

Many web development companies in Los Angeles recommend creating a scarcity of particular products to boost sales. People always rush to buy products that they perceive are popular among the crowd, so they do not miss out on the fun. So, at times, you can have ‘out of stock’ or ‘sold out’ tags on icons of products.

However, you should avoid repeating this trick often, or you may not see the desired results.

#6. Add relevant shopping filters

By offering a variety of filter options, you can enhance the shopping experience for the browsers. Having a well-organized filter that exhibits the range of products available can do wonders for your eCommerce business. In turn, your customers can easily find what they’re looking for in the different sections by entering their choices in the filters.

#7. Use social media links

Talk to any renowned social media marketing company in Los Angeles. They will explain how effective social media is to drive sales. You can obtain several orders from popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

So, an SEM agency in Los Angeles will suggest sharing your best-selling products on social media to increase your conversion rate.

#8. Make sure the shopping cart is visible

The shopping cart is an essential feature of an eCommerce website. Now, by playing your cards right with your shopping cart, you can raise your conversion rate.

Here, the eCommerce web design Los Angeles professionals will propose maintaining the shopping cart icon on all your website pages. The online shoppers can then constantly monitor their shopping cart. This serves as a reminder to finish the shopping process, also.

#9. Illustrate client testimonials

A good way of stressing the superiority of your offerings is by way of customer testimonials. If customers are confused about whether to buy from you or your competitor. In that case, they may check for positive feedback for that last push.

An SEO company in Los Angeles suggests considering posting customer reviews under the product description. You can also display the customer’s name and photo for authenticity.

#10. Keep a section for special offers

The online shopping community loves buying products at discounted rates. So, why not consider having a page that contains all the products with discount tags? Keep in mind that one of the reasons for people to shop online is discounts. So, consult the web development agency, Los Angeles, for they can help you set up your online store ‘special sales’ page.

The Takeaway

On a concluding note, you must remind yourself never to undermine the potential of an online store or an eCommerce website design. It is important to remember that a good website design creates a positive first impression. And, professional Los Angeles SEO experts reveal that only with attractive website designs can you get more traffic and grow your business via more conversions.

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